Total Wipeout - Episode 4 Part 1 הורד

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  • 7 בפבר׳ 2009

  • BBC1, Saturdays, 5.30pm


  • evasivenumber
    evasivenumber לפני 8 שנים

    daniel is so HOT XD

  • Samuel Wang
    Samuel Wang לפני 6 שנים

    She is one of the Canadian contestants.

  • Adriana Gaeta
    Adriana Gaeta לפני 8 שנים

    Her name is Ariel Tweto!

  • LunaJuliette
    LunaJuliette לפני 10 שנים

    4:18 the helmet floating on the water? somebody's drown? xD

  • Maestro2514
    Maestro2514 לפני 8 שנים

    6:24 XD

  • animavivere
    animavivere לפני 10 שנים

    "I must be out of my tiny little mind" LOL

  • Carter Stout
    Carter Stout לפני 10 שנים

    7:05 to 7:17 lol

  • Sandro234
    Sandro234 לפני 10 שנים

    I love that Star Wars music when they introduce the Qualifier.

  • complexplicit ming
    complexplicit ming לפני 7 שנים

    it was fun watching people on bouncy balls tumbling

  • farQuhar85
    farQuhar85 לפני 9 שנים

    it's like a little lost turtle on his back trying to find home ahahah

  • Maestro2514
    Maestro2514 לפני 8 שנים


  • Alex Balmer
    Alex Balmer לפני חודש

    The Rolling Logs

  • Airsoft Punkmuffin
    Airsoft Punkmuffin לפני 10 שנים

    @TrueSayings can u tell me what i have to type in the searchfeld to see some of these american versions?

  • fooldonkor
    fooldonkor לפני 9 שנים

    oh god i love this show

  • Marc Taylor
    Marc Taylor לפני 9 שנים

    what is the song at 4:09?

  • Samuel Wang
    Samuel Wang לפני 6 שנים

    The US version was produced in Los Angeles, California and broadcasted from there whereas the international versions of Wipeout (i.e. Wipeout Australia, Total Wipeout, Wipeout Canada, etc) are filmed and produced in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Maestro2514
    Maestro2514 לפני 8 שנים


  • UtubeUser71
    UtubeUser71 לפני 10 שנים

    A Greek player made it :p lol from the balls

  • The End
    The End לפני 9 שנים

    Clarkson should go for this show :D

  • Jessica-Anne Pollard
    Jessica-Anne Pollard לפני 9 שנים

    @hayleyneeson Chelsea Dagger by the Fratelli's :)