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  • 16 במאי 2020

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  • Long Craig
    Long Craig לפני חודש

    Fresh: screaming “thick golden banana”

  • Shameless and Bubba YT
    Shameless and Bubba YT לפני שבועיים (ערוך)

    "This challenge has been a strain on the brain dude Its insane." Freshy boi is the only person Eminem is scared to diss on

  • Abdulrahma. Saklou
    Abdulrahma. Saklou לפני חודש


  • Justin Deg3
    Justin Deg3 לפני חודש

    How peely became gold

  • PP Big
    PP Big לפני 3 שבועות

    "They all love jumping on the gold banana"

  • Tuff Case
    Tuff Case לפני חודש

    Finally fresh doesn’t do a challenge first attempt

  • Yu-Ming Liu
    Yu-Ming Liu לפני שבועיים

    Ahh, when the mythic guns were good...

  • JT Carmichael
    JT Carmichael לפני חודש

    battle pass skins: have mythic weapons

  • TempestYT-
    TempestYT- לפני חודש

    I Feel Like if they gave Peely a mythic it would be a Shotgun

  • Maddie Wright
    Maddie Wright לפני שבוע

    Is anyone else waiting for fresh to say, “what’s up guys, no”😂😂

  • FusionSymbiote
    FusionSymbiote לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Video idea: Lazar Beam chooses your keybinds and sensitivity and your game style and you try win a game and 1v1 lazar beam

  • Epic Carter Boi
    Epic Carter Boi לפני 3 שבועות

    No one:

  • SwiftySZN
    SwiftySZN לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Me: watching fresh with no headphones

  • Ejbucketz-_-
    Ejbucketz-_- לפני חודש

    Petition for Fresh's editor to have a counter for every time fresh says damn in a video.

  • CogmanYT
    CogmanYT לפני 4 ימים

    "take this banana"

  • Eli 1kenobi
    Eli 1kenobi לפני חודש

    Me: watching fresh before going to sleep

  • Agnes Moody
    Agnes Moody לפני שבועיים

  • Elite Official
    Elite Official לפני חודש

    “They all just love jumping on the banana”

  • Gianna Brini
    Gianna Brini לפני חודש

    If everything midas touches turns gold he has some explaining to do...

  • Mistiiツ
    Mistiiツ לפני חודש (ערוך)

    I love how fresh's accent makes him say bananar instead of banana