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  • 30 בנוב׳ 2009

  • From "Broken Links", 4x25. Worf and Garak disagree on tactics.


  • Djarra
    Djarra לפני 5 חודשים

    "Don't tell me you'd object to a little genocide in the name of self defense."

  • albatani27
    albatani27 לפני 3 שנים

    To me what really elevates this scene is Garak acknowledgement that he'll die along with everyone else if he launches an attack and he's more than wiling to make that sacrifice.

  • Yal Rathol
    Yal Rathol לפני 6 חודשים

    everyone's talking about the genocide line, but honestly i prefer:

  • Nighthawk
    Nighthawk לפני 4 שנים

    3 years later:

  • omegastar19
    omegastar19 לפני 4 שנים

    'Come now, mister Worf, you're a Klingon. Don't tell me you'd object to a little genocide in the name of self-defense'

  • Rekaert
    Rekaert לפני 3 שנים

    Garak's mistake is that he tried that shit on the wrong Worf.

  • katie_incredible
    katie_incredible לפני 4 שנים

    "Don't tell me you'd object to a little genocide in the name of self defense."

  • Guybot1001
    Guybot1001 לפני 3 שנים

    Worf knocked Garak so hard, HE... SEES... FOUR LIGHTS!

  • Broromir
    Broromir לפני 4 שנים

    Garak - one of the best played, best written and most interesting characters TV has ever seen

  • ExVeritateLibertas
    ExVeritateLibertas לפני 6 שנים

    Worf walks around all the time restraining his inner know it makes his week to get punched in the face...."ahh! finally we can get physical!"

  • aethertech
    aethertech לפני 4 שנים

    "You fight/hack/strategize/fly/shoot/argue/sneak well, for a tailor.

  • thewewguy8t88
    thewewguy8t88 לפני 4 שנים

    i have a feeling if anyone other then worf went into check on grak most of star trek history would have been changed.

  • Missionary of the Adepta Sororitas

    DS9 Worf > TNG Worf. His character really came into his own in this series. He's such a bad ass.

  • FekLeyrTarg's Videos
    FekLeyrTarg's Videos לפני 6 שנים

    Worf knew that gold-shirts are usually incompetent so he let them wait outside. ;) :D

  • matrix1240
    matrix1240 לפני 6 שנים

    Considering he's fighting Worf of all people, I'm surprised Garak lasted that long.

  • azraelangelofred
    azraelangelofred לפני 6 שנים

    Was it me or did Worf seem a little surprised, maybe even shocked, at how well Garak could fight? It seems that Garak's initial resistance and skill in hand to hand kinda got Worf off-guard, he almost had a look of, "What the FUCK?! Garak can fight THIS good?!" before he decided to go Master moQBara on his ass. Which strangely resembles Karate strikes and a Judo throw. It's ALMOST as if Michael Dorn's background in the martial arts influenced that fight. MOST interesting...

  • TheDemoTube
    TheDemoTube לפני 6 שנים

    lol, they broke the set. :) I dont believe, the hatch was supposed to fall down.

  • I'm not a Lawyer but I play one on YouTube

    Garak was one of the most amazing and developed characters in this show. I think he is often overlooked.

  • Wolf Alpha 900
    Wolf Alpha 900 לפני 8 חודשים

    I love how Garak doesn't even deny what he was working on.

  • Julian Francisco
    Julian Francisco לפני 4 שנים

    The problem for Worf (on top of the whole honor thing) is the Gamma Quadrant descending into anarchy with the Jem'Hadar going nuts. Billions upon billions would still be dead only now it'd be the peoples of the Gamma Quadrant sufffering. Having been raised by the Federation, Worf views the lives of those outside his collective as important as those inside. Therefore a Gamma Quadrant in ruins is no better than an Alpha Quadrant in ruins. Despite having spent so much time with Bashir, Garak still hasn't realized that aspect of Federation psychology so he makes the mistake of appealing to Worf's sense of self-preservation.