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  • 17 במאי 2020

  • 🎵 here comes the mustache man 🎵 merch: podcast: 2nd channel: new song: world tour tix: instagram: twitter: business: edited by: & me


  • D Marie
    D Marie לפני חודש

    he looks like he’d get rejected 30 seconds in on an episode of the button

  • Jeida T
    Jeida T לפני חודש

    he looks like he would say “i’m jus gonna sneak right past ya” when trying to pass by someone

  • anon ymous
    anon ymous לפני חודש

    Cody looks like he says “what’s cookin’, good lookin’?” to his teenage daughter

  • Lilly Mauldin
    Lilly Mauldin לפני חודש

    cody looks like he says “yeah all right pal” and “hold your horses” when he gets in an argument

  • McFuhkk
    McFuhkk לפני חודש

    Cody looks like he has an emo daughter who rolls her eyes at his presence

  • SpILl tHE taE siS
    SpILl tHE taE siS לפני חודש

    Cody looks like type of guy to ask a lesbian couple to kiss in front of him

  • plum
    plum לפני חודש

    He looks like he isn’t allowed to leave the state of Kentucky

  • Lily Anderson
    Lily Anderson לפני חודש

    The biggest flex I’ve ever seen...paying $40 for shipping

  • wings cheezit
    wings cheezit לפני חודש

    He looks like he would say "beep beep" when moving past somebody

  • SpILl tHE taE siS
    SpILl tHE taE siS לפני חודש

    Cody looks like the type of guy to say “arigato” at a Chinese restaurant

  • Jacob Wallach
    Jacob Wallach לפני חודש

    He looks like exactly the way he pronounces nutella

  • *
    * לפני חודש

    cody looks like a dad when the item doesn’t scan he says “well i guess it must be free then”

  • urgle burgle
    urgle burgle לפני חודש

    he looks like the kind of guy who would say “frictionlessly” unironically

  • Jamie Barat
    Jamie Barat לפני חודש

    He looks like the dad that says "well someone's not happy" when a kid is crying

  • Reilly
    Reilly לפני חודש

    Cody looks like that dad who hits on his daughters friends.

  • Coop Radz
    Coop Radz לפני חודש

    Cody’s looking like bit of a mr struggle

  • Ja’ Crispy
    Ja’ Crispy לפני חודש

    Cody looks like he’s disrespected by his step kids

  • Holy Heck
    Holy Heck לפני חודש

    cody looks like he’d get cheetos stuck in his mustache, and just leave it there because he’s “saving it for later”

  • karishma
    karishma לפני חודש

    Cody looks like he says “looks like we got here just in time!” when a line starts forming behind him in a store

  • Turbinerrr ZA
    Turbinerrr ZA לפני חודש

    POV: you’re Cody it’s June 2nd you just got ur apron and ur at the grill