Packaging And Posting Hundreds Of Orders · Behind The Scenes Of An Online Shop · NOVEMBER VLOG pt. 1 הורד

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  • 17 בנוב׳ 2017

  • A little look into the logistics of organising and shipping a huge amount of orders when running your own shop from home. Massive thanks to everyone that bought a zine and thanks for watching! · Support me on Patreon · ·Connect with Me· + website&blog· + shop· + society6· + instagram· + tumblr· + twitter· + pinterest· Check out some of my art prints and merch on Society6; And you can see original paintings for sale in my shop; ·My Filming and Editing Equipment· + Canon 700D/t5i (UK) (US) + Canon M10 (UK) (US) + Tripod (US) (UK) + Desktop Lighting (US) (UK) + Adobe Premiere Pro See how I film my videos here; ·Music· + A Figure Of Speech 2 - Peter Sandberg + Midnight Serenade - Martin Landh + My Heart Is For You 1 - Peter Sandberg + My Simple Thing 3 - Peter Sandberg from epidemic + Pata Pata - Matt Cherne by ·My PO Box· Minnie Small Studio 10138, Courier Point 13 Freeland Park Wareham Road Poole, Dorset BH16 6FH *Amazon links are affiliate links. If you choose to buy anything through these links, I'll make a small commission at no extra cost to you :) Thanks for your support!


  • The Tee-Spot
    The Tee-Spot לפני שנתיים (ערוך)

    I know you might not agree with me, but as an artist you are underselling yourself!

  • Meg Hilbs
    Meg Hilbs לפני שנתיים

    I can't believe you only charged $11, you could have charged a lot more for those zines!

  • Jenny Ann Art
    Jenny Ann Art לפני שנתיים

    Wow girl you're a well organised machine and a huge congrats for such a wonderful event in your art career 5hr sellout time. very cool

  • SummerHeroes
    SummerHeroes לפני שנתיים

    I got 223/350, and 2/23 is my birthday! Feels fortuitous :)

  • Thoughts by Sam
    Thoughts by Sam לפני שנה

    Oh I'm so sad that I just found this in 2019.. I would have loved that book 😢

  • J9 Viola
    J9 Viola לפני שנתיים

    Since you print your own art prints, what kind of printer and material do you use? I really want to sell my art but idk where to start! If you have any advice, it would be supremely useful!!

  • Art Side of Life
    Art Side of Life לפני שנתיים

    Thank you for showing us behind the scenes :)

  • Mari Candice
    Mari Candice לפני שנתיים

    It's interesting to see the process behind fulfilling online orders as a small business. Not surprised at all that your Inktober zine sold out so quickly. It was such a gorgeous collection of works.

  • Cabblow Studios
    Cabblow Studios לפני שנתיים

    I'm still watching, but I had to stop and comment because I wasn't expecting that Miriam Makeba remix at

  • Tiffany Bradshaw
    Tiffany Bradshaw לפני שנתיים

    God bless your success Minnie! I'm so happy your zines did so well. Might have to up your limited editions to 1000 😊

  • Pat Kin
    Pat Kin לפני שנתיים

    I've heard this same situation with paypal from so many people and for so many years. I can and can't believe they're still up to the same shenanigans. I'm sorry to hear they caused you the additional stress. Actually, the way paypal does business seems almost criminal to me. They hold all the cards. I sure hope they've released your funds. Thank goodness for Mom! Thanks for sharing.

  • fabhabfan 1
    fabhabfan 1 לפני שנתיים

    Wow!! I have a zine!!! Took only about 10 days to come and that was standard post(and I live in Canada)!!!! It is beautiful and you should be so very proud of yourself Minnie!!! Cant wait for your next one! Cheers!

  • Jojo's Crafty Love
    Jojo's Crafty Love לפני שנתיים (ערוך)

    Your Paypal video led me to this video. You are one admirable woman! 3 It's lovely to see how supportive your other half is!

  • rzk12345 rzk12345
    rzk12345 rzk12345 לפני שנתיים

    ok i don't know why i'm crying rn but i am and i feel like a proud mum

  • JoniJournal
    JoniJournal לפני שנתיים

    Hey! Did anyone else get one? I was number 63 and I’m from Canada :) could not have be more pleased!! I was watching the Inktober videos religiously so it felt super cool to have a physical copy in my hands

  • Oswin Altava
    Oswin Altava לפני שנתיים

    Congrats on the sales, you deserve a week off after all that! Hope the issues with PayPal get sorted out soon!

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea לפני שנה

    Love this, so helpful. What printer do you use? x

  • Katie S
    Katie S לפני שנתיים

    I smiled all the way through this video. I'm so happy for you! I hope Pay Pal gets their act together soon. I loved watching your process and the care you put into each package. I wish you continued success and happiness. Enjoy your break.

  • rxpture
    rxpture לפני שנתיים

    It's a shame the zine is limited edition. I loved your inktober pieces and really wanted to get a copy of them all to see in person :(

  • Sharon Cullen Art
    Sharon Cullen Art לפני שנתיים

    I watched the whole thing and found it very informative and a bit stressful! Ha! I can’t imagine why paypal is holding your account. Do they do that for 10 days or something? Except has been longer than that. It looked like you started to breakdown talking about it there at one point. You did better than I would’ve. One thing I didn’t hear and maybe it was on another video that I may have missed was how did you find your printer for your zine? I am in the US but i am curious. Did another artist give you that tidbit? And last but not least, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!🎊🎈🍾🎉