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  • 27 ביוני 2013

  • Machine Gun Kelly Black Flag Download: New mixtape from Machine Gun Kelly "Black Flag" ................... DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO N NOT MAKING MONEY (PROMOTING ONLY) ....................


  • Red Roses
    Red Roses לפני שנה

    Does anyone else wish he would sing these old songs at his concerts?

  • cxiong21
    cxiong21 לפני שנתיים

    Really wish 'Black Flag' and '100 Words and Running' were on spotify...

  • michael miracle
    michael miracle לפני 5 שנים

    If I had a chose who to smoke with it would be MGK all the way

  • Bubba 0903
    Bubba 0903 לפני שנה

    He just don’t get the credit he deserves bro. This guy right here has done some shit that no one else would ever do. Respect bro.

  • Zachary Battles
    Zachary Battles לפני 6 שנים

    I really just don't understand how people don't like mgk he Has a sick flow and a little bit free everybody

  • Lily Rich
    Lily Rich לפני שנה

    Who was here years ago?

  • Rihanna123
    Rihanna123 לפני 11 חודשים

    I think MGK play this song before recording Rap Devil “ what I need a shirt for?”

  • Jonathan Patterson
    Jonathan Patterson לפני שנה

    Years later and still catch myself randomly singing "What I need a shirt fo...huhhh"

  • Brad H
    Brad H לפני 5 שנים

    I would love to spend an hour with mgk talking and smoking

  • zane ray
    zane ray לפני 4 שנים

    for all the people starting from the bottom you can make it MGK is an example so is eminem just hang in there your bog break will come

  • N-Word Salesman
    N-Word Salesman לפני 8 חודשים

    What a nostalgia trip, thank you Kells for bringing us on this journey

  • John Trollsten
    John Trollsten לפני 6 שנים

    No one else works this hard and keeps it this real. Lace up for life

  • nicole parker
    nicole parker לפני 6 שנים

    I'm in love with this dude he's one of the only ones who have actually talked about real shit he's the shit. EST 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jayninja
    jayninja לפני שנתיים (ערוך)

    All these crazy ass comments.. Mgk... This album... Black flag was when he was so fucking hungry. Then each album he show cased his skills, let true hip hop junkies know I'm here to stay. By him staying though, he fed into, "greatness is recognized." It sucks seeing this rawness get killed because mgk still feels like he has something to prove. It's the whole season why mgk has dipped off into the movie industry, he is chasing acknowledgment. Hip hop has signed him off and he has believed it. Greatness is something that works and it's nothing that humans is use to.

  • Jon Usher
    Jon Usher לפני 3 שנים

    I miss this Kells.

  • Detrea Lemieux
    Detrea Lemieux לפני שנתיים

    MGK I asked everyone that means anything to me, what love is. No one gave me an answer n I became cold and bumping your music I finally heard the answer to my question. "Love is Pain".. you saved my life.. music is all I ever had that was steady in my life and your lyrics are fuckin sick. I feel you Kells thanks for being in my speaker when I needed you

  • Kristen Mathis
    Kristen Mathis לפני 11 חודשים

    You saved my life MGK

  • Rickie Beaty
    Rickie Beaty לפני שנתיים

    I'm an old stoner,And I'm 60 years old Been smokin'The great weed for fiftytwo Still Love it Rick Beaty MGK love you bro

  • zan szalony
    zan szalony לפני 6 שנים

    watch out you might end up liking him to much. EST 19xx

  • Jeremy Bradley
    Jeremy Bradley לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Greatest rapper alive..jail or death i feel there ain't nothing left..we on top..est. 4 life..much love