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  • 16 ביולי 2015

  • 2015 UK MVA 'Best Dance Music Video' Winner Milano Film Festival Showcase 2015 SXSW Official Selection 2016 Artist : LORN Title: Acid Rain Label: Wednesday Sound Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3UREFG... Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/aci... Cast: Kayla Frails, Jacqueline Ann LeWarne, Morgan Ceely, Emily James, Val Rockey Directors: Pavel Brenner, Julian Flores, Sherif Alabede Producer: David Olano Creative Adviser: Affonso Beato Creative Adviser: David Bouza Director of Photography: Pavel Brenner 1st AD: Francisco Mendez 1st AC: Luisa Betancur 2nd AC: Ariel Spahn Gaffer: Chico Francisco Grip & Electric: Ignacio Sepulveda Barrientos Grip & Electric: Kane Wang Grip & Electric: Joey Xu Editor: Pavel Brenner Makeup Artist: Carla Rosso, Stephanie Ruiz de Chávez SFX: Chelsea Pickens Choreography: Winkee Krick Colorists: Dylan Dugas, Pavel Brenner


  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris לפני 3 שנים (ערוך)

    Some Native American traditions believe that when Death comes you have the chance to dance your last dance and Death has no choice but to watch. The wooden Native American looking into the distance is a tell tale sign of this artistic vision.

  • Amberland Daydreams
    Amberland Daydreams לפני 4 חודשים

    I was introduced to this song by the love of my life. I never thought that id have to plan his funeral music before our wedding music. This song was the first to come to mind. Rest in peace my love. And prayers to all struggling with their own problems. Hang tight.

  • MRS Flores
    MRS Flores לפני 3 חודשים

    Who is watching this during corona Apocalypse 2020? Being Quarantined, some how made be think of this amazing Jam!

  • Gustavo Fring
    Gustavo Fring לפני 4 חודשים

    For anyone wondering, the official Synopsis :

  • Jen10
    Jen10 לפני חודש

    I always seem to come back to this song, no matter how much time has passed..

  • joolenka
    joolenka לפני שנתיים

    This song feels like waking up from one of those really weird dreams when you take a nap in the afternoon and when you open your eyes it's already dark out and you feel so unsettled.

  • colleen rooney
    colleen rooney לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    I cried.... I can feel this. I've had an car accident 4 years ago with 3 other friends. We slipped and crashed. And I thought I was already home ( like the girls who entered the Cafe..) , and I saw my parents sitting on their couch. I was talking to them and they couldn't hear me. I tried to touch things and hold on to it (like the gir with the braids did with the pole and jukebox) and I tried to throw things But I couldn't. And then it went al black.... Blacker than black.. I can't describe the darkness.. And then It felt I was suffocating and I felt freezing cold... And later it felt I was drowning, but it felt peaceful. It felt like I was in water, just floating..

  • Lindsey Allyson
    Lindsey Allyson לפני 3 חודשים


  • Mekhi Prinze Harrison
    Mekhi Prinze Harrison לפני 3 שבועות

    This song plays in the new Netflix show Curon season 1 Episode 5.

  • Hazel
    Hazel לפני שבוע (ערוך)

    I agree with most of the interpretations in the comments. Was thinking of a different one though.

  • eizisqueezy
    eizisqueezy לפני 4 שנים

    there's just something about the concept of small town cheerleaders dying in a car accident that is both haunting and weirdly nostalgic. idk watching this gives me the strangest mix of feelings.

  • Matthew Barnes
    Matthew Barnes לפני 3 שבועות

    “If a dying warrior has limited power, his dance is short; if his power is grandiose, his dance is magnificent. But regardless of whether his power is small or magnificent, death must stop to witness his last stand on earth. Death cannot overtake the warrior who is recounting the toil of his life for the last time until he has finished his dance.”

  • KKB peacd
    KKB peacd לפני 3 חודשים

    this song is beautifully haunting but it still scares me low key

  • Carla Mcmann
    Carla Mcmann לפני שבועיים

    For some reason, this song itself makes me feel dark retribution. All the hidden corruption that has been rising to the surface this year, all the lies, from politics to the virus to our joke of a healthcare system to the child trafficking cults... all of it being exposed... I feel it in this song. This song makes me feel powerful beyond measure, like I am strong enough to know the truth and fight the oppression with all my might.

  • Viiking 01
    Viiking 01 לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    Here's my analysis. The rear view mirror is missing. The attachment actually appears to be one of those suction cup smart phone holders. I imagine that this was an intentional placement and visual cue just to simply show that there is no review mirror. Maybe that there is no more looking at ones self since there is no more physical bodies in this "realm". She also places her hand on the broken glass (this being sugar glass in the video) without being injured or indicating that she isn't feeling any pain. This leads us to believe that when she is struggling to stay upright against the car, pole, and jukebox that she isn't experiencing pain since this is the spirit realm but her spirit is struggling and is being pulled back and forth as her body is dying.

  • Gabriel Ocasio
    Gabriel Ocasio לפני שנתיים

    After listening to this on spotify on repeat, i noticed that the song kinda starts abruptly and so does the end. And after listening to it for a while, you sometimes can't tell when the end is at the actual end of the song, or the middle since i have the end of the song fade into the beginning. Then after watching the video, if you ALSO put the video on loop, you'll notice that the ending frame almost starts perfectly with the beginning and the cycle begins again. Maybe a symbolism of the circle of life? Maybe some sort of endless limbo that they're in? Maybe i'm thinking too much into it, but it's something interesting i noticed.

  • WgoodT - with good taste
    WgoodT - with good taste לפני 4 חודשים (ערוך)

    Remember: Drive safely.

  • Ark Xerxes
    Ark Xerxes לפני חודשיים (ערוך)

    The kitchen girl always gives me the creeps...her pale skin and uncanny look to her face looks so off to me.

  • Alcofribas Nasier
    Alcofribas Nasier לפני 3 חודשים (ערוך)

    A plane exploded in mid-air over Scotland 3 decades ago, main part fell on the town of Lockerbie, putting the town on fire. On nearby fields, people ejected mid-air from the dislocating aircraft rained down on the pastures. It came to pass that a local policeman, looking for survivors found a young woman in the middle of this eerily quiet field, still strapped onto her seat next to who probably was her boyfriend. She had fell down for 30,000 feet, yet the patch of grass next to her bore the trail of her hand, where she scratched to grip the earth one last time.

  • get shwifty
    get shwifty לפני 3 חודשים

    I'm speechless by the effect this had on me.