I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza הורד

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  • 1 באוג׳ 2020

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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast לפני חודש


  • El Mehdi
    El Mehdi לפני חודש

    To be honest this channel wouldn't be the same without chris and chandler

  • Cardboard Box
    Cardboard Box לפני יום

    When your on a diet: one pizza won’t hurt

  • Modern Marvelz
    Modern Marvelz לפני יום (ערוך)

    Jimmy : I ate the world's largest piece of pizza

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    MrBeast in 2051: Last to leave the White house becomes a president.

  • Repyxl
    Repyxl לפני 5 ימים

    Guys don’t forget about Matt stonie I think Matt stonie is the fastest eater

  • Kelogish
    Kelogish לפני חודש

    We should have Matt Stone and Joey Chestnut go against each other!

  • Glamrock Freddy
    Glamrock Freddy לפני 5 ימים

    It's funny how Joey is just ignoring them and stuffing his face full of pizza

  • Rid
    Rid לפני יומיים

    Matt stonie: am I a joke to you?!

  • koi
    koi לפני יום

    We need matt stonie to vs him. This must end

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    Matt Stonie: Oh, that's cute.

  • Sam Dubs
    Sam Dubs לפני חודש

    I thought I would feel hungry after watching this. I have never felt fuller in my life. I DIDNT EVEN EAT ANYTHING

  • Joevin Plush Toy Video's
    Joevin Plush Toy Video's לפני שבוע

    MrBeast: Joey Chestnut is the fastest competitive eater in the world

  • TangoExploitz
    TangoExploitz לפני 3 ימים

    Mr Beast: Trys to eat massive pizza

  • MaccIsTheGamer
    MaccIsTheGamer לפני שבוע


  • Cool Nerd
    Cool Nerd לפני שבוע

    Everyone can agree that Joey is the Dream of eating.

  • Ryder Merloni vlogs
    Ryder Merloni vlogs לפני חודש

    Petition for Jimmy to rent a private island and play a real-life Minecraft with his friends.

  • AfloatZ
    AfloatZ לפני 3 ימים

    Joey should have an eating contest with an African village.

  • jorge juarez
    jorge juarez לפני יום

    Hes literly making a mess but he's dumping that down his throat fast i can't even do that

  • Jason Ky
    Jason Ky לפני יום

    Imagine how many heartburns he got doing this.