High End 2011 B&W 800 Diamond, Denon A100 הורד

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  • 24 בפבר׳ 2011

  • B&W ( Bowers & Wilkins ) , 800 Diamond , Denon A100 , Hi - Fi, High End Praha 2011


  • willybilly008
    willybilly008 לפני 8 שנים

    All the DENON playback-components are exceptional!!(especially when you consider the price.

  • Marsipulamis
    Marsipulamis לפני 9 שנים

    I'm assuming the Denon acts a as a pasive pre-amp here and the Classe is driving the 800s?

  • mystique
    mystique לפני 3 שנים

    Four years ago i had chance to compare Krell S-300i with Denon PMA-A100 head to head. The PMA-A100 was the clear winner! More musical and enjoyable to my ears, plus much better build quality and made in Japan!

  • flejti
    flejti לפני 8 שנים

    what is name first and second song? Please help

  • Rogelio Melgar
    Rogelio Melgar לפני 5 חודשים

    Denon is quality pricey but quality

  • crventura
    crventura לפני 7 שנים

    Dudelsack60: Being pretty doesn't necessarily mean it will sound right. I had in the past a pair of 801's with CAM 400 monoblocks and they were one of the worst setups I ever had :( The ultimate objective by having this stuff is to listen to it not to have it on display to impress friends or neighbors ;)

  • CAse 2 Study
    CAse 2 Study לפני 4 שנים

    《 ♡ 》

  • socksumi
    socksumi לפני 7 שנים

    I was surprised to see B&Ws super expensive diamond tweeter is not so flat in measured response with a dip at 5 khz and a broad hump around 10 khz followed by a falling response up 20 khz. For such an expensive tweeter it measures no better than cheap ones.

  • Dominik Nizky
    Dominik Nizky לפני שנתיים

    prosim o nazov 2. songu vo videu pls

  • Omar Fabian Bravo Angel
    Omar Fabian Bravo Angel לפני שנה