Franny Arrieta - Red Carpet Ready הורד

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  • 26 באפר׳ 2018

  • I got Franny all dolled up for the Thirst Project!! Sorry I look so beat in this video - I have been working 12-14hr days NON stop. This fitting took place at 8pm after a LONG day. My job is NOT glamorous haha! Franny: Follow me across social @Jazminwhitley video + edit by Danny Garcia @dgtal


  • Andreia Lúcia
    Andreia Lúcia לפני שנתיים

    She should've had picked the first one 😍 both beautiful but I liked the first one better 😂💕

  • Yeshua Feeds
    Yeshua Feeds לפני שנתיים (ערוך)

    Never usually comment on videos, however I am so annoyed with the amount of disrespect towards her eyelashes!Stop with the eyelash comments.. is that what people focus on??? This world is ridiculous. Here she goes out of her way to make a video which takes sooo much time and effort.. seriously chill people because I’m sure people who comment negative can’t even edit or upload a video..and aren’t really doing anything productive with their time! Jazmin you look great! Your such a hard worker hope all your dreams come true! God bless you always!

  • Amy Eveleigh
    Amy Eveleigh לפני שנתיים

    girl thos lashes are wack

  • moolan
    moolan לפני שנתיים

    her lashes need help

  • Allison
    Allison לפני שנתיים

    everything looks so good on Franny

  • M O
    M O לפני שנתיים

    i rly hope she tailored the cups in that dress

  • Victoria Zinger
    Victoria Zinger לפני שנתיים

    Can you raid the Dolan Twins closets?!?

  • Love Finds
    Love Finds לפני שנתיים

    Your casual style is my whole mood 👌🏾 (bun included)

  • Kelseyguurl
    Kelseyguurl לפני שנתיים

    That first gown she tried on is everything

  • Victoria Zinger
    Victoria Zinger לפני שנתיים

    The second one looks amazing on her😍

  • L Bo
    L Bo לפני שנתיים

    The eyelash comments are pathetic y'all. Let's be for real- the fact that you all demand perfection from YouTubers is genuinely pathetic. When you're literally sitting there on your phone with all of your flaws (and let's be honest her lashes aren't a flaw, she simply needs a fill).. Y'all sitting there with your acne, noses that run 24-7, weird looking thumbs, cavities in your mouth, weird looking moles, toes that look like fingers, dandruff... And demanding perfection from these people while you're simply sitting and watching.

  • Victoria Zinger
    Victoria Zinger לפני שנתיים

    Franny’s so gorgeous💕💕

  • Brian
    Brian לפני שנתיים

    3 red carpet ready

  • ZyndraZ
    ZyndraZ לפני שנתיים


  • Daniek De velde
    Daniek De velde לפני שנתיים

    We rise by lifting others! You both look beautiful and I'll support and empower you no matter what. Stop putting others down, make eachother stronger!

  • erta
    erta לפני שנתיים

    I think Franny looks like Shay Mitchell!?

  • Pettyfics
    Pettyfics לפני שנתיים

    FRANNY!! 💞

  • L Bo
    L Bo לפני שנתיים

    Holy cow- I literally didn't get this notification 😑 and the bell has

  • Chaitaali Bherwani
    Chaitaali Bherwani לפני שנתיים

    You did amazing job franny looks so good 😊 👍👌👌👗loves the look 👌👍

  • Emily Overmyer
    Emily Overmyer לפני שנתיים

    Raid Bethany mota's closet !!