Ash and Walnut Sideboard הורד

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  • 7 במאי 2020

  • Keeping busy whilst under quarantine, I decided to make a sideboard from ash with the dovetail joints. I've always imagined having such piece of furniture in my living room. It is fortuitous time to make. I am using left over walnut slices (from my previous project) to make the second top for my Sideboard. I spent 2 weeks on this project but I'm happy with the outcome. The sideboard turned out steady, strong and a little heavy. Thanks for watching!




  • 3Clod
    3Clod לפני חודש

    one of the best ideasI've ever seen... I will definitely use parts of it in a project for my kitchen...

  • stocktradingsystems
    stocktradingsystems לפני 4 שבועות

    Me: "I can make an airplane by folding a piece of paper."

  • musamor75
    musamor75 לפני שבוע

    Bravo! Quite a piece. An very unusual mixture of machine and handwork. Respects Sir.

  • Timoer Wood Art
    Timoer Wood Art לפני שבוע

    Beautiful bro, love it I was inspired. Hope someday I got all of that wood machine

  • Gene Kloszewski
    Gene Kloszewski לפני חודש

    From one cabinetmaker,, to another,,. Super job !, one of the best iv'e seen !, i love the dovetails, & the carved doors & the top, is gorgeous,, 100 points,, for creativity..

  • 1057shelley
    1057shelley לפני חודש

    What skill! I love watching woodworking. I think it’s a dying art that should be taught in schools.

  • Shiela Jarvis
    Shiela Jarvis לפני חודש (ערוך)

    Beautiful! Love the sound of your machines and no music!

  • m aa
    m aa לפני יום

    Some one tell me the chemical using there I want to buy

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye לפני 3 שבועות

    WOW! 😱 So many skills and technics wrapped up into one item! That’s pure skills right there!

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown לפני חודש

    Amazing talent. I enjoy watching your videos just to see what you'll make next. I wish I had the skills, patience, and equipment to make things like this.

  • Martin Green
    Martin Green לפני חודש

    Ok, I’ve seen some amazing projects on YouTube, but WOW!! Just wow, this is “top shelf stuff (pun intended) just love how the joints overlap, also those doors, how did you get them both exactly the same mirror image??? Very clever build!!

  • Noelly Mumpi
    Noelly Mumpi לפני חודש

    I’m speechless, woow!!!! This is what I call a talent

  • J W
    J W לפני חודש

    You know its very dangerous to run wood through a saw that fast ;)

  • Kirsten Broertjes - Schmidt
    Kirsten Broertjes - Schmidt לפני חודש

    Wow I really love this sideboard 😍❤ What an amazing job👌🏻🥰

  • Abang edo
    Abang edo לפני 4 שבועות

    Making awsome table like playing of lego... damn!

  • Terry Weaver
    Terry Weaver לפני 4 שבועות

    I'm speechless. I was mesmerized watching this

    OLEG ARHON לפני חודש

    Чем заливали деревянные блины? Эпоксидкой?

  • Lamorna Cooper
    Lamorna Cooper לפני חודש

    Beautiful work. Would love to have a workshop and tools like you have, but that doesn't provide the ideas in the first place. Very talented designer. Thank you for sharing.

  • MrRollinstoned
    MrRollinstoned לפני חודש

    Beautiful job fellow Carpenter when your kids jumped in the Box it really made me crack up so original and I love your attention to detail keep up the good work