Apostle T.F Chiwenga.Ekron הורד

שלח לחברים שלך
  • 23 במרץ 2018

  • This sermon was preached from the book of ( 2 Kings 1:1-18 ) by Apostle T.F Chiwenga of Jesus Revelation Ministries


  • Francis Agrippa
    Francis Agrippa לפני 9 חודשים

    If you Love Apostle CHIWENGA kanda chi like chako kkkk

  • Real Captain Captain
    Real Captain Captain לפני 10 חודשים

    This Gospel is everlasting for real,can I hv some likes.

  • Jonathan Tafireyi
    Jonathan Tafireyi לפני שנה

    I keep on listening a thousand times, pastor shoko munaro

  • Dennis Nyarukokora
    Dennis Nyarukokora לפני שנה

    haaaa chiwenga anoparidza guys plus bible anoverenga

  • TT H
    TT H לפני שנה

    What I like about this guy is the fact that he's able to pull men tatajaira kuona vakadzi panoparidzwa

  • Alice Manda
    Alice Manda לפני שנה

    Thank you Apostle ne vhangeri yakadudzwira zvokwadi especially nyaya ya Jacob, kuti haana kurwa nemutumwa but he cried and prayed and was answered.

  • olister chishaka
    olister chishaka לפני שנה

    Munoita Seiko vamwe kuti muzive shoko usu zvazvinoramba wani tinoverenga asi tinokangamwa

  • Donald Kanengoni
    Donald Kanengoni לפני שנה

    wat a powerful sermon i'm blessed

  • Godwin T Munemo
    Godwin T Munemo לפני שנה

    kutaura bhaibheri kunge anga aripo, ndatenda hangu, God Bless you

  • Lady Cee
    Lady Cee לפני שנה

    Where has this man been. I pray for 10 more like him.

  • Variant Vee
    Variant Vee לפני 10 חודשים

    Thank you apostle. My spirit magnifies the Lord, who through His great mercies, gave us you at this time in our lives. Our nation badly needs the spiritual realignment badly. May the covering of the Lord Jesus protect you always.

  • Nqobizitha Masotsha
    Nqobizitha Masotsha לפני שנה

    thank God for you its proper to mention false profets so peopl will know the truth who to follow

  • Muchaz Muchaz
    Muchaz Muchaz לפני שנה

    Mwari vakatiitira nyasha neshoko benyu rakadai. Endererai mberi apostle

  • Erasmus Pongo
    Erasmus Pongo לפני שנה

    Revival has come!!

  • Shemiah Nyaude
    Shemiah Nyaude לפני שנה

    true gospel I appreciate his understanding

  • Taurai Ngarara
    Taurai Ngarara לפני שנה

    Your preaching is one of the best so far I enjoy your sermons and would like to meet with you one of these days... When are you coming to Bulawayo

  • Manager Juntao
    Manager Juntao לפני שנה

    Apostle am a student at the university of zimbabwe and i listen to your sermons all the time.i like the one called makubiti a Goliath and it has helped mi a lot in a lot of situations e.g whenever we wanna play football against another team you will here people saying hehehe team iyi inevanhu vanogona hehehe inevakabva ku England n i always tell them makubiti a goliath aya hatitye

  • Romeo MUTSAGO
    Romeo MUTSAGO לפני שנה

    I read the bible. I listen to sermons — extensively. I find Apostle’s Chiwenga’s understanding of scriptures is unparalleled.

  • petronella manyarara
    petronella manyarara לפני שנה

    True gifting from God

  • Witness Mubvumbi
    Witness Mubvumbi לפני שנה

    This is from top drawer gospel...thank you God