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  • 17 במרץ 2009

  • With the songs: Crying at the discotheque - Sexual guarantee - Don't you want me - Menage a trois - This is the world we live in - Physical - Start the fire. Alcazar is a Swedish pop group which has established themselves as one of Sweden's most successful music groups with a string of hits since their debut single in 1999. The group formed in 1998 with three members: Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel (born Therese Merkel, 18 April 1970, Nykoping, Sweden), and Annika Kjærgaard (born 18 May 1971, Bjarnum, Sweden). Their first single, "Shine On", was a hit in Sweden, but it was with their second release, "Crying at the Discoteque" (which heavily sampled Sheila B. Devotion's 1979 hit "Spacer") they achieved success across Europe. Both singles appeared on their debut album, Casino. Later editions of Casino contained a cover of Human League's hit "Don't You Want Me" which also served as the third single off the album. In the United States, Alcazar gained moderate success. "Crying at the Discoteque" peaked at #44 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play and "Don't You Want Me" peaked at #30 on the same chart. In December 2002, Andreas Lundstedt's boyfriend at the time, Magnus Carlsson, joined the group. The second album, Alcazarized, was released in Sweden in 2003 and became a big hit. Subsequently, it was released internationally in 2004, with new cover artwork and a slightly different track list. In the autumn of 2004, Alcazar released "This Is the World We Live In". The song samples Diana Ross's 1980 hit single "Upside Down" and re-uses lyrics from Genesis' 1986 single "Land of Confusion". Their follow-up single, "Physical", also sampled an older hit: Londonbeat's "I've Been Thinking About You". The singles were followed up by the album Dancefloor Deluxe which was released in Sweden in August 2004. 2005 saw the release of the single "Start the Fire". During the making of its music video, Kjærgaard had an accident in which she broke her foot.


  • Duane Godfrey
    Duane Godfrey לפני 6 ימים

    Love you guys, best time dancing wicked music 💕

  • darlu Santos
    darlu Santos לפני 3 שנים

    Sweden sound I love it this!

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones לפני 8 שנים

    Amazing megamix! I miss Alcazar so much... you've been Alcazarized!! :-) x

  • wimvmix
    wimvmix לפני 11 שנים

    I'm sure you can find it here on youtube

    T3SKATLIPOC4 לפני 3 שנים

    ...I love the part where his t'shirt says ..."MEXICO"

  • Marta Jestem
    Marta Jestem לפני 3 שנים

    fantastic :) I really like discotheque, this is the world... physical, start a fire, don't you want me, we keep on rockin, inhibitions, stay the night, alcastar, feel for you, burnin'...

  • //
    // לפני 3 שנים

    This was a fantastic megamix 👏!

  • phil bowles
    phil bowles לפני 5 שנים

    utter uber ultra cheese. discofication of genesis? billy joel? human league? its nuts x10...BUT I LOVE IT! so slick, so manufactured, so produced ...its close to music porn and so is the video!

  • whensumis41
    whensumis41 לפני 11 שנים

    Apparantly i cant watch the video Menage a trois cuz its "not avilable in my country" -.- And they are from sweden!!! I get so freakin pissed!

  • newdolce
    newdolce לפני 10 שנים

    They're the bomb! But I miss mi amore Annikafiore... She put the glamour in Alcazar & I loved her voice! But still, Alcazar always puts a smile on my face & makes me feel happy!

  • strangeay
    strangeay לפני 11 שנים

    I bought their album Dancefloor Deluxe yesterday because of this megamix video!! gawd I just love 'love life'

  • babygrinchjr
    babygrinchjr לפני חודש

    Straight up FABULOSO !!

  • whensumis41
    whensumis41 לפני 11 שנים

    Dont you have the whole video of Ménage à trois? I would love to see the whole video.. Thanks

  • ajason495
    ajason495 לפני 7 שנים

    he is soo cute in his yellow tux

  • Alien World
    Alien World לפני 8 שנים

    OMG! I love this mix! thank-you :-)

  • xxxTIN0xxx
    xxxTIN0xxx לפני 11 חודשים

    Nostalgic songs to me

  • Katka
    Katka לפני 11 שנים

    Great video! You did amazing job here...:-)

  • wimvmix
    wimvmix לפני 11 שנים

    thank you

  • Esteban Corrales
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