His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry! הורד

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  • 29 בדצמ׳ 2016

  • Check out Family Feud here: https://rebrand.ly/FamilyFeud ^^^^^ International Talent Spotlight ^^^^^ His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!


  • TiaReviews
    TiaReviews לפני שנתיים

    Simon couldn’t even talk when it was time to judge.

  • Beatbox Allstars
    Beatbox Allstars לפני יום

    Very emotional and amazing performance.

  • Andre Luiz
    Andre Luiz לפני שבועיים (ערוך)


  • Crunchxe ASMR
    Crunchxe ASMR לפני יומיים


  • Adorable Wildlife
    Adorable Wildlife לפני שבוע

    wonderful voice make me cry but I like your sound

  • Traditional BD
    Traditional BD לפני שנה

    This is real music.

  • danny Sandoval
    danny Sandoval לפני שבועיים

    Simon estaba muy conmovido porque le hizo acordarse de su madre que fallecio tiempo atras

  • Kholofelo Machaba
    Kholofelo Machaba לפני שבועיים

    This performance sure stirs up everyone's emotions.

  • Jose Goncalves
    Jose Goncalves לפני שבוע

    Esse, é o sentimento que um ser humano , deveria ter ao se levantar pelas manhãs e olhar para seus entes queridos e por mais um dia de VIDA! GRATIDÃO.

  • Graham Lander
    Graham Lander לפני 3 שבועות

    I would like to know if this guy who sings with such feeling,emotion,and love for what he had loss ..... where is he now and what’s he doing.... he should be singing because he would pack out venues....anyone knows ??

  • Shirley Curry
    Shirley Curry לפני שנתיים

    I cry every time I watch this. Beautiful voice!

  • Josh Cundiff
    Josh Cundiff לפני 4 ימים

    Shows you how toxic the music industry really is when one of the only people to make simon react like this is still unknown to the world so many years after this

  • Christina Igupen
    Christina Igupen לפני 6 ימים

    this is how we all should sing. its from his heart. i wonder why he didn't make it till the last competition.

  • Cacxy
    Cacxy לפני חודש

    YouTube: wnna cry?

  • Joshua
    Joshua לפני שבועיים

    This song really hits home for me and just really captivated what I’m going through. I’ve tried so hard to put my emotions into a song but none of them were any good. Then comes this song and that really helped me. Know I can sign this song when I’m sad to help get that emotion out. To the creator of this song I thank you very much!

  • Mundo Tops
    Mundo Tops לפני שנתיים

    This song really goes trough your soul 😩😣💔

  • Abah RaRay
    Abah RaRay לפני שבועיים

    my tears also flowed profusely, even though I don't know what it means

  • atugonza aidah
    atugonza aidah לפני חודש

    I couldn't believe that someone has such a beautiful voice. Am so touched. thank u so much. speaking of facts, he actually made simon cry.

  • ricardo a
    ricardo a לפני 3 שבועות

    Grande homenagem a um entusiasta vc querido. Tenho certeza que seu amigo está aos cuidados do criador. Nosso salvador JESUS CRISTO

  • Mᴜɴᴅᴀ Aᴍʙᴀʀsᴀʀʏɪᴀ
    Mᴜɴᴅᴀ Aᴍʙᴀʀsᴀʀʏɪᴀ לפני שבועיים

    That random person who liked my comment I pray may you and your parents live more than 100 year 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏